Advantages of a flatbed tow truck

Moving a vehicle from one place to another there may be some inherent risks involved. Garbage or debris on the road could cause damage to the vehicle’s paint job, or if you are towing your vehicle with another vehicle which is not outfitted with towing equipment you may cause damage to some of the mechanical components  of the vehicle being moved. Using a properly outfitted tow truck could help you to avoid some of these problems.


In most circumstances involving a vehicular collision or vehicle transport a tow truck will most likely be needed to accomplish the task. Tow trucks are vehicles which are specially outfitted in order to move a vehicle from one place to the other and are specifically designed to make the task manageable. 


There are many different types of tow vehicles but are usually described as falling into one of two categories. The first it’s done by a tow truck which only lifts the front end of the vehicle being transported, this is usually described as a boom system. the second type is a vehicle with a flatbed where the entire load of the transported vehicle rests upon the platform of the tow truck. This is called flatbed towing.


 Flatbed towing is mostly preferred to other methods for several reasons.


The first reason is to prevent  the possibility of any additional damage occurring to the towed vehicle.  With other methods of towing an already damaged vehicle may sustain further damages during transport because of the moving components of the towed vehicle. Using a flatbed tow truck can protect the vehicle being transported from coming in contact with road debris,  and it can also eliminate the possibility of the vehicle being damaged by any of the towing equipment.


Flatbed towing can also afford additional safety for the tow truck driver and other drivers on the road. With the towed vehicle securely fastened to the bed of the tow truck, this eliminates the possibility of the towed vehicle swaying in transport or spinning out of control.


There may be circumstances when flatbed towing is the only possible way to accomplish towing. This would occur when the vehicle is too badly damaged to be pulled behind a tow truck or tow vehicle.


Using a flatbed tow truck can also eliminate some of the additional hassles that may come with other forms of Towing.  Loading a vehicle onto a flatbed tow truck is relatively easy and presents the least amount of hassle for the tow truck operator, ultimately saving on time and money.