Avoid Tow Truck Scams!

A tow truck operator to the rescue is always a welcome sight when you find yourself in a bind such as broken down on the side of a busy road or if you find yourself in a vehicular collision. Towing is an invaluable and necessary service for the public at large. Most of these businesses are entirely legitimate, however there are some companies out there with unethical business practices that might try to trick you with hidden charges and fees, causing you to have a very unfavorable Towing experience, and thus no longer trust towing companies. The best practice for businesses including towing companies is to cultivate trust with their clientele by providing a valuable service at a reasonable price.  The purpose of this article will be to educate you on ways to protect yourself against the possibility of tow truck scams. 


Some common scamming techniques include:


  • Some of the most common scams involve a tow truck company who works closely with a criminal body shop. These tow truck companies get paid by delivering a damaged or unfunctional vehicle directly to the body shop in exchange for a fee under the table. This shop might then turn around and offer you services you do not need, or charge you very high rates for their services.  Make sure to research your own vehicle repair shop before you take any recommendations from the towing company.
  •  In some cases, the towing company might bring your vehicle to a private lot where I will be parked until you agree to pay an exorbitant fee.   Make sure the tow truck brings your vehicle back to the tow yard. 


How to avoid towing scams:


  • Check the credentials of the company:  make sure you review the towing company’s documents such as license and insurance in order to ensure that the tow truck is credible. You may also use a resource such as Google reviews in order to ensure that the company is fair and legitimate.
  •  Sign a contract:  make sure you have all of the details of the deal, including the type of Towing service being used, as well as the price in writing before you agree to any services.
  •  Avoid  taking the recommendation of anybody shops from the tow truck company:  don’t let the tow truck company advise you about where to take your vehicle for repairs. Make sure to do the research and come to a conclusion yourself.